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Someone just asked me if I do commissions. I never have, and I'm not sure how to price them either. Kinda looking for some opinions here if anyone's kind enough to offer...
Went to Dave & Busters for the first time today with a few friends. As some of you know, they had the field test for Pokkén Tournament up there, so you can be sure that we tried out the game. I'm not very great at fighters to begin with but I still gave a shot, starting off with using Weavile then switching to Blaziken (who was in the game but not in the guide book we were given) and Lucario. One of my friends was a total beast with Machamp, winning quite a few rounds with other players there. There also happened to be a Japanese fellow nearby conducting a survey. I could only assume he was a representative. He asked us a few assorted question like what we enjoyed about the game and our ages. When he inquired on any suggestions and recommendations we might have had, we suggested Chesnaught and Sylveon.

So if either of those two happen to get in, you guys know who to thank! ;)
Reeeeeally sorry for not posting anything in months, guys. But I'd like to thank those who gave me birthday wishes earlier in the months.

Believe me when I say a lot has happened during this summer, so I haven't really been in much of an artistic mood. And now a new semester of college has just begun. With my latest pic, I really hope to draw a bit more during the last months of 2015.
Didn't think I'd ever reach this point, but I have exceeded over 1,000 watchers! I know I haven't been very active around here, but I still want to thank everyone who is currently following me. I don't think my art is the epitome of perfection and I feel I have yet to unleash my true potential, but I owe it to you guys to try and make more art and really improve myself!

So once again, thanks everyone!

:iconrokugurin: Roku out!
Happy holidays, you wonderful wonderful people! To those who celebrate it, I wish you well! To those who don't, I still wish you well! Hope you all have a stellar new year!
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Just checked my messages and got a few birthday wishes. So I want to give a big thank you to you awesome, awesome people!
To everyone following me, I extend a HUGE apology. I haven't really been active nor have I been posting a lot lately.

It's a potent mixture of college issues (both financial and academic), real life worries and not much inspiration as well as feeling that my work is inadequate. That's not to say I haven't been drawing. Quite the opposite. I've been sketching things, but I haven't really felt able enough to finish them. I feel like I'm not doing my best lately.

Though with the semester finally over, I'll probably have enough free time to get something up before I have to head back to campus.

So to everyone following me, I'm sorry. And to everyone who has recently followed me, thank you very much and I hope to have new content up very soon.
Managed to catch it....and boy am I hyped! Now I am definitely sold on a few aspects.

For one, the Smash Run feature in the 3DS version has piqued my interest.

Kirby's new final smash taken straight from Return to Dreamland looks epic and is miles better than Cook Kirby in Brawl. Pit's new final smash from Uprising is also looking amazing. And let's not forget Mega Man's unexpected final smash. I was seriously expecting Rush Adapter or something. I literally fangasmed upon seeing MegaMan.EXE (Battle Network was my very first Mega Man series, namely the third title).

I like the idea of various characters being separate now, like Shiek, Zero Suit Samus and Charizard.

To be very honest, Greninja isn't my favorite water-starter design wise. But seeing it as a newcomer shocked me. In a good way. In retrospect I can see how Greninja attained its novelty, what with that broken-as-hell Protean ability making it very competitive.

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't worried by the absence of Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon and Ness. Especially knowing that the latter three were in the roster of original fighters in Smash 64. But let's see what happens, shall we?

In any case, what did you guys think of this development?
Happy New Year to all of you guys! Let's do our best and make 2014 worth it!
To all of my friends and followers, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Thank you those who stuck around. I'll be uploading later this evening.
Oh happy day! With this weather I thought nothing could warm my heart with happiness! But this!

One of my favorite Mario characters is in Smash Bros. This is joyous!

I am so doing fanart!
Thinking of possibly hosting a stream this Thursday (12/19) at around 12 AM EST.

I haven't done such a thing in a long time, and I'm sure those who've witnessed my other few streams have missed 'em. Plus, my finals will be over very soon, so what better way to celebrate?

This is just a slim possibility, though. ^^; But I'll update this journal if anything comes up.

Hope you're all looking forward to it!

Roku out! :iconrokugurin:

EDIT: Okay, it turns out I can't do it Thursday. A final I was meant to take today has been rescheduled, as the professor is unable to make it to campus. So I'll have to decide on another day to host the stream.
Take care and eat well!
Best day ever. Managed to snag the game early (from the same place where I got Fire Emblem and Dream Team) along with two other dudes from my college. When we arrived at campus, we began our adventures simultaneously.

I've been taking my sweet time with the game; and yes I have my first badge already. I haven't been as "catch-happy" as I was in past gens. Due to the fact that a lot of the old gen Pokemon I'm coming across I already have ready to transfer in White/White 2, most with Pokerus.

My verdict? Solid game so far. beautiful graphics and scenery and wonderful music, especially the evolution theme remix. If I have to give some criticism, it'd be the gym theme. It's tense enough for a boss theme, but it doesn't have much energy. Oh well. Perhaps I'll get used to it.

If you guys are curious, my current team is:

Bunnelby Lv. 19 (Male)
Fletchinder Lv. 21 (Female)
Braixen Lv. 21 (Female)*
Wartortle Lv. 20 (Male)
Combee Lv. 20 (Female, of course)
Pigeotto Lv. 20 (Male)

*Yes, my starter was a female. Which is funny because the last Fire starter I've ever picked was Cyndaquil and it was a female every time (in Crystal and Soul Silver). But hey, I'm not complaining. I was hoping my Fennekin would end up being a female anyway.

In other news, I haven't been able to work on any additional requests (due to a rather large assignment that's due this weekend); but I have been sketching on the side.

I have also been practicing interaction between two (albeit chibi) characters. Expect to see the final result of that this month. This is something I haven't quite pursued and I hope practicing it will help me improve. It's also been a while since I've drawn a chibi character, so it will be fun getting back to that.

:iconrokugurin: Roku out!
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Alright, come at me doods! I'm gonna be taking requests. Throw as much of them as you can. I'll take the top three that interest me. I really need to draw something. Being in an art slump is NOT fun at all.

First Request: :iconheart-of-texas:'s very cute character, Eliza Randall.

Two more to go!
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Sorry I haven't drawn much. Kinda been in a slump. Like, I know what I want to draw sometimes, but the execution can be a pai nto figure out.

Also been distracted by Mario & Luigi Dream Team and Touhou 14. Mostly the former. Just a great game....

As for Touhou 14, I managed to clear the game on my second try! Seems ZUN was a little lenient and allowed Extra mode to be unlocked even on Easy mode.

Now I wonder if he'll do this for Touhou 15. Knock on wood.

So yeah, I haven't done anything this month yet, and I really want to. Hopefully, before I begin classes.
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Managed to get this gem a day from its scheduled release earlier today. And from the same store where I got my early copy of Fire Emblem. Apparently, they get Nintendo games four to five days before the intended release date. You all know where I'm going for my copy of Pokemon Y. ;)

In any case, I was so entranced by the gameplay that I completely forgot to write a journal when I got back  home.

But this game is amazing. Still has that classic Mario & Luigi humor, the graphics are colorful and cartoony and best of all...the music.


To anyone who plans to get this game, you will not be disappointed!
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...yay I guess? I've hit the age of 22. That's something, right?

Eh, I dunno. Not feeling very..."happy" I suppose. It's kinda...meh. Has anyone felt like this before?
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Didn't really have much to do today. So I thought "Why not?", grabbed $80 and took off to downtown New York!

My first stop was Rockefeller Center. Isn't it beautiful? Oh and I took these photos with my 3DS :XD:

Stopped by Nintendo World just to check it out. This was my third visit. The first time was when it used to be the Pokemon Center. After browsing around and watching some customers partake in the free-to-play games, I decided I wanted to get something, but couldn't decide.

Eventually, I settled on an XL-size Mario t-shirt.

And after lamenting over not seeing too many of my favorite Unova Pokemon (like Escavalier and Reuniclus), I decided to buy a Zoroark plushie. I ended up running into a kid I knew from college and we began conversing about some game-related matters.

My next destination was Chinatown. To pick up some Japanese styled snacks, like pocky, onigiri and mochi. The pocky was an easy pickup. But the mochi was by far the toughest to find. Had to call a few friends who have visited Chinatown before to help me out. That...didn't go over so well.

Finally found some mochi in a Korean Supermarket.
<div class="" />

Figures this was the only one in my favorite flavor.

But as I had finally attained what I wanted, I made my purchase and left.

Or I would have if not for one of the employees thinking I had stolen something. Yeah, I placed the items in my bag along with my purchases from Nintendo World and an employee stopped me as I was nearly out the door. In retrospect, I kinda understand since I wasn't visibly carrying any grocery bags on my person (I have to note that for next time).  I had to convince him by showing my receipt and the rest of the things in my bag. embarrassing...

But all's well that ends well. The onigiri was the last item I got, and, with that, I caught a train heading straight home.

:iconrokugurin: So how did you guys spend your day?
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